Millions of Americans suffer from debilitating chronic pain.  Physicians routinely use medication monitoring as part of the treatment of these patients to ensure that patients are receiving the therapeutic effective dose of pain medication, taking their medication as directed, and gaining positive outcomes.  Medication monitoring can also help prevent abuse and diversion of prescription drugs.  Recent CMS and Medicare contractor decisions have the potential to greatly reduce access to critical medication monitoring services.  Congress should strongly oppose these proposals, which will harm patient care.

Medication Monitoring: This document describes the prevalence of chronic pain, the critical role medication monitoring plays in optimizing pain care treatment and preventing abuse, and the threats to access to medication monitoring.

Local Coverage Determinations: To search for Local Coverage Determinations with respect to medication monitoring, please visit the CMS web site.

Congressional Letter (Re: TrailBlazer LCD for Qualitative Drug Screening): This letter from Members of Congress expresses concern with the Trailblazer policy restricting access to medication monitoring.

CMS Coding Changes:  These documents are Medicare coverage and payment policies that restrict the ability of physicians to utilize medication monitoring tests by imposing reimbursement and volume limits on the use of these tests.